Exhaustion-A Rant

As usual, Chris is right on the money!

Think on This


Meaning: “Exhause” from the Latin, which means, “I am so friggin done with this mess.”

No, this is not true. It is not even remotely true, at least not origin of the word. However, the feeling is there. I teach in a high school. I pastor, yes, pastor and shepherd the young feelings and emotions of students ages 14-18, but most of the time 14-15. They are fragile creatures, which should come with a sign that says, “Fragile: Handle with care”. Bullying takes place often. It is painful to watch their hopelessness and pain when it comes from their peers. Why? Because, on a subconscious level, I think bullying hurts more when it comes from your own. They can talk back to teachers all day long, and, yes, I am sure it does take a toll on them to feel like they are not liked by teachers. But you…

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