Philippians Resolutions: Philippians 2:14

I seldom notice how much I grumble, until it is pointed out to me. It says much about the sin nature just how seldom we are thankful for what we are given, and how often we grumble about our petty little discontents.

Think on This

Do all things without grumbling or disputing.

Resolution: I resolve to not grumble or complain against things in my heart or out loud to those around me. I resolve, instead, to speak thankfulness when and where I can.

This may be one of the shortest verses in Philippians, yet it delivers a lot. It delivers more than what we may bargain for. As believers we can be guilty of copying the world around us in the most outrageous ways, such as slavery, but not everything is that blatant. Sometimes the way we copy seems small, appears subtle, but is dangerous to our witness for Christ Jesus.

I speak often about American culture, but I know no other culture to speak of, so there is that. I know that, as I look on social media, as I listen to conversations, whether it is Christians or those who do not trust in…

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